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Who is Tamami Ushiki?

  • Producer – promoting global educational contents in Japan
  • Business Owner – growing multiple businesses with education, her passion
  • CEO Creator – guiding entrepreneurs into CEOs
  • Opportunity Giver – gifting opportunities to Japanese entrepreneurs through her expansive international network

Products & Services

Wealth Dynamics

Issuing certification and training in Wealth Dynamics theory to coaches, consultants, and communication professionals.

Website: jwda.org


Professionals with expertise in “turning teams into organizations,” Mapforce revolutionizes “normal teams” into “high performance teams” for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Website: mapforce.jp

Qi Alignment

Within the human body and mind lies its natural ability to return to a point of balance on its own. However, that process is stopped by a stagnation of qi, also called “Blocking Qi.” Qi Alignment helps in the process of using the simplest methods to remove Blocking Qi and allows you to live at your greatest.

Website: qi-alignment.jp

Startup Grind

Also know as “the Google for entrepreneurs,” Startup Grind is a the world’s largest community of entrepreneurs with over 40,000 members all over the world in over 200 different cities. Each month, we invite entrepreneurs who have already found their success, and they in turn share their experiences and learnings in how they turned their dreams into reality.

Website: startupgrind.jp


Plan Japan

Contributing to this organization with donations for over 20 years, Tamami has helped to raise many young children into independent adults.

The Ocean Cleanup

Through this recently created organization that began with the power of new technology born from a young boy in the Netherlands, Tamami contributes to realizing a cause she had always dreamed of.

What People Say

Tamami is a big part of my global entrepreneur community and one of the most important business partner since 2006. To prove that, she has been No1 in “Wealth Dynamics Profiling Test” sales globaly for 10 consecutive years and created over 1,000 practitioners.

I feel the Wealth Dynamics Community in Japan is warm, royal and very influential in the industry and I purely enjoy their energy every time I visit there.

I am looking forward to keep working with Tamami and her community striving for the Success of all entrepreneurs in Japan.

Roger James Hamilton, Wealth Dynamics
I have worked with Tamami since 2003 when I brought Robert Kiyosaki in Japan for the first time. She has helped our business in Japan as a head of the team there and I learned about Japanese market through her a lot.

We have introduced so many world class speakers together in Japan for the first time such as Anthony Robbins, Robart Kiyosaki, Allan Peace and so on.

She has not stopped growing since and now I just enjoy seeing her and her business prosper from the other side of world.

Richard Tan, Success Resources

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